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This is a show about the makers in our communities. The starters, the go-getters, the ones who are shaping our region’s future and making decisions on what our world will look like in the years to come. Here’s to them!

For a long time, Central Florida has been a paradox. In one sense, its we’re seen as a punchline. God’s waiting room is full of the eccentric, the sun-chasers and of course home to the often intoxicated Florida Man. On the other hand, people flock to us and love to consume everything that our region has to offer. Politicians beg for our votes, tourist are obsessed with our parks, and snowbirds work their whole lives to live near our beaches.

It’s high time we begin to tell our story in better ways both to the outside community, but also to ourselves.

This will be a place where we celebrate our success, learn from our past, draw inspiration from leaders around us and dream about how we can be better the Central Florida region.

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